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We purchased our first Dachshund, Maggie, from DeeDee in 1993.  We had shown
cocker spaniels for years before but there was always a longhaired mini in the bunch
because I had grown up with a dachshund from the Teaufel Kennel in Germany.  
Regardless of the cockers I had my dachshund!.  I waited 10 years after my old had all
retired and were slowly going to a "better place in doggie Heaven" when I started
following dachshund breeders at the dog shows in Northern Virginia. By chance we
discovered DeeDee and the journey began.  Maggie was our first in 1993 then came
Scarlett in 1994.  We bred Maggie back to one of Dee Dee's champion minis and Kept
Stella from the litter.  Over the years we took on Kissifur, one of DeeDee's retired
champions, and bred Stella back to another one of the Deedachs champions and kept
2 puppies from that litter.  In telling you all of this I need to explain why we did not go
elsewhere for our dogs.  I have never been in a more organized and clean facility than
DeeDee has.  Her dogs have wonderful personalities and are healthy and sound.  I
have referred so many of my friends to her I cannot count them and all have been
delighted with their purchases from DeeDee.  The honestly and attention to all aspects
of conscientious breeding is all inclusive with Dee Dee and her own values.  She does
not breed or foster "bad"dogs. I have known Dee Dee since 1993 and would
recommend any of her animals for ownership. Right now we have a total of 5 minis
from 16 to 7 years old that we cherish.  Without meeting and doing business with
DeeDee we would have missed so much happiness out of life.
Beth M. in Vass, N.C.
Deedachs Miniature Dachshunds 'Waiting to Meet You'!
In June 1995, our beloved dachshund Tasha went over the Rainbow Bridge at age 15.  
She had come into our life during our assignment to Germany in the early '80s.  A few
months after her death, my physician said my health had deteriorated due to my
grief.  His advice - get another four legged love soon.  It was with that advice in mine
that our quest began for our forever dachshund love.  The recommendation of our
veterinarian was to go to the Miniature Dachshund Society to obtain the names of
reputable show/club breeders.  Dee Dee's name was given to us by several of those
sources.  It was such a pleasure to work with Dee Dee in bringing into our home, one
Natasha Von Romershacht (Nattie), daughter of CH Sleepytime Brit Sterling ML and
CH Deedachs Bit of Finesse ML.  A beautiful, petite, long haired sable girl who warmed
our hearts the moment she came into view.  She is now into her 15th year of life with
us bringing such joy.  It is hard to describe her in words. Another tragedy occurred in
November 2008, when our dachshund Abby died suddenly at age 8.  This time it did
not take us long to decide Dee Dee was the very best person for us to contact to bring
a four legged love home to warm our hearts again.  At first it seemed as though it
would not be possible since Dee Dee's available little ones were all spoken for,
however, to our blessing someone did not live up to their commitment with Dee Dee
for a little short haired female.  Dee Dee does live up to her commitment to you for she
contacted us as promised to let us know this little girl was available.  We did not
hesitate to say yes we wanted to be her forever home.  Our Deedachs Euterpe Peace
Romerschacht (Shotzy), daughter of CH Rellish's A Prize By Design MS and CH Rellish's
Laurjosh Aspen MS, born January 19, 2009 became ours in March 2009.  This almost
2 year old is smart, funny, adorable, and melts our hearts everyday we are loved by
her. We have two other dachshunds from other show breeders who came into our
lives when little ones were not available from Dee Dee.  We love both of these little
ones with all our hearts but they both have health problems which we never have
experienced with either Nattie nor Shotzy.  Dee Dee is the best.
Karen D. in Newport News, VA
I contacted Dee Dee in December 2008.  I did thorough research on line and I was very
and that she needed to know a lot about me before she would agree to sell me a pup. We
drove to Hume and picked up “Muffin.”  It was a four hour drive and Dee Dee suggested
that someone drive while I held the pup.  This was wonderful advice and it allowed the
pup to bond with me.  Muffin was crate trained at Dee Dee’s and we never had an
instant of trouble. If I had this experience to do all over again, I would never consider any
other breeder.  I have stayed in contact with Dee Dee and have received advice when I
have needed it.  Muffin has turned out to be a healthy, energetic, and highly intelligent
little companion.  I can’t imagine life without her!
Frederick W. in Norfolk, VA
When I was looking for a long-haired miniature dachshund, Dee Dee Clarke was
referred to me by a standard dachshund breeder (who was a friend of my friend who
breeds black Labs).  I emailed Dee Dee, who was very thorough in questioning my prior
dog and dachshund owning experience since I was a total stranger to her.  I completely
appreciated her candor, and thankfully I passed her test because I was put on her
waiting list for a puppy. As fate had it, she was waiting for a litter and thus I got my
Tallulah Belle! When I drove to Virginia to meet Dee Dee and Tallulah, I was praying I
wasn't going to a puppy mill.  I was thrilled to see a gorgeous "farmette" that was
pristine, modern, and perfect.  Dee Dee is a gem who works herself to death ensuring
that all of her dogs and puppies are in the best of conditions - and her horses and barn
are also immaculate and the horses in top health and condition.  I was ready to move
in!!  You can eat off the floors in the kennel and the barn; puppies & their moms are in
the house with Dee Dee and her husband until they are weaned.  I have never been so
impressed with a breeder in my life.  Tallulah is a wonderful little dog.  I fell so in love
with her that about 15 months later I went back to Dee Dee to get Tallulah's full-blood
brother, Teddy.  Dee Dee was not going to repeat this exact breeding again, and I
wanted that exact breeding if possible.  I hope that Dee Dee continues to breed her
wonderful dachshunds for a long time, because she is the only person I will go to for
these dogs.  I feel like I made a friend in Dee Dee and I hope she feels the same way.  
She does not sell her dogs to "just anyone" - I am so thrilled that I made the grade
because these two rascals (& my other two dogs and my kitty) are the loves of my life!
Judi Z. in Silver Spring, MD
I met Dee Dee in 2005, when we were in the market for our first dog, George.  Dee Dee
told me that she bred superior, healthy dogs that were great companions, and she was
right.  Nearly 16 years later, George is a spry senior who has been reinvigorated by our
latest addition from Deedachs, a 1 year old dappled short hair mini named Layla.   
Every vet who has seen the dogs for routine care has commented on what excellent
specimens they are.  And they have been great friends to my young children.  Deedachs
comes highly recommended for anyone considering a dachsie -- I wouldn't think of
going anywhere else.
Eric L. in Bethesda, MD
Shalom from Debbie & Deedachs Mistress of the Dark Moon in Tel Aviv, Israel!  
"Deedachs dachshunds live the best lives!" They now live in Austria & Israel! I have
owned longhairs/shorthairs bred by Deedachs since 1995.
My Deedachs experiences have been wonderful!  Dee Dee really knows miniature
dachshunds and cares about them.  She was very professional in every way and it was a
pleasure doing business with her.  I loved my first Deedach, Ginger, so much that I got a
second, Coco, and they get along beautifully.  Don't hesitate!  Get a deedach today!
Grace J. in Arlington, VA
We obtained Liddy (she was named Lydia) at the age of five.  She has fit into the life
style of the retirement community in which we live.  Four or five mornings each week,
Werner takes her to visit assisted living, therapy, and the dementia center.  She brings
smiles and pleasant minutes to over one hundred people every week when they are
able to pet her and offer a treat. Liddy is probably the most recognized and well known
individual in our community. We were very happy that we were able to locate an adult
long haired dachshund with Dee Dee.  We couldn't have asked for a more gentle, well
behaved dog.  Obviously, she is part of the family.   
Werner & Mary in Williamsburg, VA
Our experience with Deedachs has far exceeded all of our expectations. Our "dachshund
baby" is now four years old-- he is not only beautiful and healthy but has a wonderful
personality-- loving, loyal, and spunky all at the same time! We love being able to stay in
contact with Dee Dee. It is truly a testament to her commitment towards her dachshunds.
We couldn't be happier and we thank Dee Dee for our four legged family member!  
Phillip & Mary D. in Salem, VA
AKC Breeder of Merit Award - details at
Short hairs:   
9/10/15 needs majors: Deedachs All American Girl MS
Ch.Deedachs Nadine WhyCantUBtrue MS
Ch.Deedachs Man In Black MS                                
Ch.Deedachs Keep The Flame At Sunrise MS
Ch.Deedachs In It For Love MS
Ch.Deedachs Country Music Award MS
Ch.Deedachs Grand Performance MS
Ch.Deedachs Sweet Ms Lakeville MS
Ch.Bramble's Majic Star v Deedachs MS
Ch.Deedachs Best Beau MS
Long hairs:
Ch.Deedachs Something2talkabout ML
GCh.Deedachs Stealers Charmed One V Klein Teckel ML
GCh. Hiswill's Royal Diplomat ML co-bred/co-owned
Ch.Hiswills' Beautiful Boy ML co-bred/co-owned
Ch.Deedachs Little Patriot ML
Ch.Deedachs Classic Mercedes ML
Ch.Deedachs Classic Porsche ML
Ch.Deedachs A Kiss For Luck ML
Ch.Deedachs Making A Break ML
Ch.Deedachs Steal Your Heart ML
Ch.Deedachs Bit Of Finesse ML
AM/CAN Ch.Deedachs Lucky Jack O'Hearts ML CGC
Ch.Deedachs Murphy of Willo-Mar ML
Ch. Deedachs Lucky Draw ML
Deedachs Lotto Winner ML - he had 4 majors, needed only 1
point and was accidentally killed under the care of a pro-handler.
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